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Default Up guys are really hot coffee for

Up guys are really hot coffee for his we're going to talk about to choose different approaches you can take to building muscle yeah party just celebration had thank my parents for being hey them awakened squad skinny 210 on some solid muscle Alpha Shred Del Monte is now living large and out at the gym and so can you got some more footage for you from the21 day fast mass building program here you going to watch one of my training partners do bent over rows he's got some really excellent technique here and I you'll notice that he's holding it at the top of on every rep and he selected a weight that allows them to contract his back you also notice that he's getting his alleles all the way back so are the key here first off is the final weight that allows you to get the bar right up into your nipple line a slightly below it engine sure you're using your back to get the way up and not just your biceps so long there's multiple .
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